Animal Kingdom Lodge to Charge a Premium for Arusha Savanna View Rooms in 2011

Arusha Savanna From the Lobby

There are four different savannas at Animal Kingdom Lodge—Sunset, Arusha, Pembe, and Uzima. Each of these savannas has rooms overlooking them, and those room rates are the most expensive at AKL.

Of these savanna views, the Arusha Savanna View is the most requested from guests staying in Jambo House. Why? It’s the hotel’s “main” savanna, located right off the lobby; because of this, you can be assured that there will always be a wide variety of animals on this savanna.

Unfortunately, though, it seems as though the resort will begin cashing in on this premium view in 2011. According to's room rates, Animal Kingdom Lodge will charge $30 per night more for a view of Arusha Savanna vs. a view of the Sunset and Uzima savannas. The $30 increase holds steady through all resort "seasons."

Until this change occurs, Arusha Savanna views are by request only.

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great infomation!

great view! I can't wait to stay to their room!