2 Bedroom or Club Level: Chosing the Best Room for Your Family When Staying on DVC Points

Concierge Breakfast Service

When making plans for a Walt Disney World Vacation there are many, many choices one must narrow down before making their reservations. For our family, as DVC Members with a home at Animal Kingdom Lodge, one of those choices is making the decision what is more important to us, staying in a larger 2 bedroom Villa, or staying on the club level in two Studios. Surprisingly, for a Family of 6, both of these room options cost a similar amount of points. When traveling with older kids, it’s worth considering if the concierge option is better for your family.

Standard 2 Bedroom Villa:

  • Standard View could be Pool, Green Space, or Parking Lot
  • 3 Meals a Day, Deluxe Dining Plan
  • Pro- Xtra Space of the Living Room and Full Kitchen
  • Pro- Keeping the Family together in 1 room
  • Pro- Washer/Dryer
  • Con- Limited Housekeeping

Concierge Level Studio Villas:

  • Pool or Savanna View
  • Pro- Breakfast and Snacks from the Lounge, Basic Dining Plan
  • Pro- Full Service Housekeeping
  • Pro- Concierge Service for Making ADRs and Booking Special Activities
  • Pro- Access to special Safari Dinner
  • Con- Splitting the Family
  • Con- Less Room to Spread Out
  • Con- Difficult to book with only 5 Concierge Studios Available
  • Con- No Jacuzzi Tub

So, which does our family choose? When we can book it, we go for two rooms on the concierge level, for money savings on food costs and the luxury of housekeeping. I know, that may not be the conclusion most families would come to when looking at the Pros/Cons but for our travel style, it fits.

As a hard working Mom, I am a HUGE fan of Housekeeping and the value provided by them to me weighs in consideration. Also, we use the dining plan, and using the concierge lounge for breakfast and afternoon snacks not only saves us money, but sometimes allows us to add in a “special” two credit meal during our trip. Negating one of the cons is that if we stay in the Studios, I can still relax in a hot tub at the end of the day by heading down to the Uzima Springs pool for a relaxing dip under the stars. For our family staying on club level with points just makes sense, especially do to the money saving feature of the food and beverage available in the lounge.

If you would like to try and book a club level room with your DVC point, know that there are only 5-Two bedroom lock-offs available to DVC Members. For your best possible chance to book them, call as soon as member services opens exactly 11 months out from your arrival date. Most of all, have fun and enjoy your Walt Disney World Vacation.