Animal Kingdom Lodge Hot Tubs

Uzima Hot Tub
When I’m on a Walt Disney World vacation, after a long day at the parks, one of my favorite ways to relax before bedtime is to slip into one of the Hot Tubs (spas in Disney terminology) at Animal Kingdom Lodge. The expansive rock formations and lush landscaping at both the Uzima and Samawati Springs pools have created perfect little nooks in which the Imagineers have tucked away the guest spas. The placement of the spas couldn’t be more perfect as their pleasure is transporting.

Children under 12 must be accompanied by an adult in the hot tub, however because you’ll often find children sneaking into the spas I find that Disney sets it’s thermostats a little lower than many.

Disney recommends that the maximum time one spends in the spa at once is 15 minutes, and suggests that pregnant women and persons with medical conditions consult a doctor before using the spa. Despite the very warm vs. hot temperature I find that the tubs are plenty hot for both soothing and therapeutic recovery from a long park day.

Late in the evening the pool areas are often empty but for adults looking to relax. The serenity of the lodge under the stars is so relaxing, a warm night’s breeze and the sounds of the animals occasionally calling in the night can make you easily believe that you’re at a luxury resort in African it’s self. Many adults like to grab a cocktail (be sure to have a plastic cup) and head down for a soothing soak before bed. Use caution however, as posted signs warn against the use of alcohol in the spa as well as many other common sense rules for use.

Our friends over at Walt Disney World for Grownups made a great post awhile back about reviving tired legs while on vacation, and they recommend a soak in the hot tub to get your blood moving and promote recovery through gentle stretches in the water.

Do you have a favorite AKL Hot Tub? Leave a comment and let me know which you like best!

Next time you head down to spend some time at our favorite Orlando Resort, be sure to stop by the hot tubs and take a magical soak under the stars.

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