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We receive many questions about the music at the Animal Kingdom Lodge. If you’re like us it’s an important part of the incredible experience of the Animal Kingdom Lodge. If you’re wondering who the artists and songs are we have a partial list for you here. We have links where you can buy them and you can go to the vendors to hear samples to see which song you’re trying to identify. We’d also like to thank Nathan P at MouseSavers for helping us identify some of the ones we didn’t know.

Note: We linked to Amazon for Artists and Albums if they had it, so that those without iTunes installed could still check out the songs and previews.

Song Artist Album
Purchase MP3
Wasuze Otya? Samite Silina Musango iTunes
Ekibobo Samite Silina Musango iTunes
Tindiba Samite Stars to Share   iTunes
Night Stories Samite Stars to Share   iTunes
Having a Good Time Samite Stars to Share   iTunes
Cradle With Love Samite Stars to Share   iTunes
Bring Back the Music Samite Stars to Share   iTunes
Khadja Nin
Mama Khadja Nin Ya… iTunes
Embargo Khadja Nin Ya… iTunes
Turasa Khadja Nin Ya… iTunes
Mzee Mandela Khadja Nin Ya… iTunes
Afrika Obota Khadja Nin Ya… iTunes
Like an Angel Khadja Nin Ya… iTunes
Balamaris Telek Serious Tam iTunes
Go Ralom Telek Serious Tam iTunes
Talaigu Telek Serious Tam iTunes
Ayub Ogada
Ondiek Ayub Ogada En Mana Kuoyo iTunes
Dala Ayub Ogada En Mana Kuoyo iTunes
Les Go De Koteba
Sou Les Go De Koteba Dan Gna iTunes
Vieux Diop
C on Vieux Diop Afrika Wassap   iTunes

If you’d like to buy the physical CDs they are available on Amazon, be careful though some of the imports are quite expensive:

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  • Two years ago, I asked the staff at the front desk of AKL about purchasing the music. They were kind enough to print out a list of the featured artists! I have since purchased several pieces and keep them on my Kidani playlist on my iPod.

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