Guide to the animals of Animal Kingdom Lodge

An Eland spies some Ankole Cattle in the distance

We can all agree that one of the best things about staying at Animal Kingdom Lodge is viewing the animals that roam the savannas. But can you identify these animals, and what do you know about them?


The Reticulated Giraffe and the Zebra are arguably the most popular and easy-to-spot animals on the AKL savannas. But there are several other mammals roaming around, too.

You’ll probably spot the Ankole Cattle munching and roaming — they’re much like American cattle, but with HUGE horns. And you’ll be able to discern the Red River Hog — the same species as Pumba in The Lion King. Thomson’s Gazelle are small and fast — closer to the size of deer.

All the other mammals on the savanna are a type of antelope. There’s the largest White-Bearded Wildebeest and Eland species; the large Roan Antelope, Greater Kudu and Waterbuck species; and the medium-sized Blesbok, Impala and Nyala species. Use the Wildlife Field Guide, available at the front desk, to identify each type of antelope.


The pink Greater Flamingo, Ostrich and Ruppel’s Griffon Vulture are easy to detect for most children. But what about Guineafowl, the African Spoonbill, East African Crowned Crane, Marabou Stork, and Eastern White Pelican?

An illustrated guide is available at the AKL front desk to aid you in identifying all the animals at AKL. Be sure to pick one up, and see an example over on our printed materials page.

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