Kilimanjaro Club Concierge level accomodations – is it worth it?

Kilimanjaro Club lounge

If you’re a frequent Disney World guest, something that’s probably on your bucket list is staying at the Club or Concierge Level. All of Disney World’s Deluxe resorts include Club Level, but reviews are different from resort to resort.

Staying Club Level is a significant added cost, but it’s definitely worth it for those wanting to splurge. So, is Animal Kingdom Lodge’s Kilimanjaro Club worth it?

A big benefit of staying Club Level at Animal Kingdom Lodge is the food. If you’re not on a dining plan, staying Club Level could be a great idea. Many say that the Kilimanjaro Club food is great and enough to keep you fueled for breakfast, lunch and dinner if you so desire! If you’re curious about the food options at Kilimanjaro Club, we’ve compiled a list of frequent offerings, including breakfast, snacks and afternoon tea, lunch and dinner, and desserts in the evening. There’s also a fridge with drinks, including beer, that you can take back to your room. So, if you are opting for a dining plan, know that you may not have the room in your tummy to indulge in the Kilimanjaro offerings as much, since Disney meals famously keep you very full!

What are some more benefits of staying with the Kilimanjaro Club? Well, staying Club Level is the only way you can book two different safari adventures: the Sunrise Safari Breakfast Adventure and the Wildlife Discovery Excursion.

The Kilimanjaro Club gets high marks among reviewers (check out’s favorable review, as well as another favorable review from and seems to be one of the best Club Levels on Disney World property.

Our advice? If you wallet can handle it, stay with Kilimanjaro Club! Then, give us your review of your stay in the comments below!

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2 responses to “Kilimanjaro Club Concierge level accomodations – is it worth it?

  • We booked Conceige Level and now that is the only way to go! It is well worth the money and the continental breakfast is more than enough to feed you well.
    The snacks in between are great and it is so nice to have access to the soft drinks from 7am until 10pm.
    They really spoil you and we loved it! Spend the extra money, you will be glad you did.

  • Great review! For many, concierge offerings are plenty to fill you up during the day and there’s no need to spend extra on food in the parks.

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