Night Vision Animal Viewing

A savanna resident

A favorite, but not well-known animal activity at Animal Kingdom Lodge is night vision animal viewing on the savanna. Available each night from sundown to 9:30 p.m., it’s a great way to view animals on the savanna at a time of day they are sometimes quite active.

You would think that an activity like this would just have to be a part of a paid Disney World Vacation Package, but it’s not the case!

At Jambo House, you can find a Cast Member with the night vision goggles at the Uzima Overlook, while at Kidani Village, you can find a Cast Member with night vision goggles at Kidani Rock Overlook.

You may have a short wait, but it will be worth it! The Cast Member will help you or your child put the goggles on, and will point out animals to you available for viewing.

Pay attention, and you may see several types of animals moving about just after sundown. Enjoy!