Pool View Room

Jambo House Villa Standard View by Kristen K.

Pool view rooms are priced between standard view and savanna view rooms at AKL. They’re located on the Zebra Trail (our favorite, as it’s closest to the restaurants and pool!), and overlook the pool, jacuzzi spas, and general restaurant area of the resort.

Pool view rooms can be a bit noiser than standard or savanna view rooms, as Uzima Springs Pool is a happenin’ place any time of day, and you’ll be the primary beneficiary of those screams of watery delight. But being close to the pool offers its own benefit if you have a little one who loves splashing around, or if you like to sneak away to the jacuzzi spa for a midnight soak (very nice, I can tell you!) or to Zahanati Fitness Center for an early morning run.

There’s great debate about whether you can catch a glimpse of Uzima Savanna from your pool view room, and I can say that I’ve seen a couple of giraffe wander far enough over now and again to say it’s possible. But booking the pool view on the hope that you might get a “cheap savanna view” isn’t a good bet.

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