Rare Breeds: Somali Wild Ass on the Uzima Savanna

Somali Wild Ass

Upholding it’s dedication to wildlife research and conservation, the team at the Animal Kingdom Lodge recently added a new family of inhabitants to the Uzima Savanna.

Three adorable Somali Wild Ass brothers (afffectionately known by the staff simply as “Somalis”) are now making their home at the Lodge. The species is critically rare and endangered with less than 1,000 thought to still exist in the wild. Only 50 exists in US Zoological parks, so it’s truly an honor to have these new residents to call Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge their home.

The Somalis are the African ancestors of the domesticated donkey and feature a short, smooth coat of light grey, fading quickly to white on the undersides and legs. The legs of the animals have a distinctive horizontal striping similar to a zebra. Be sure to stop by and say hello next time you’re taking in the savanna at Animal Kingdom Lodge.

I found this picture of the new boys on the “A Disney Girl in Orlando” Blog. Thanks so much to Beatrice for letting us use her image!