Reader Choices: Best Eats at The Mara

The Mara

The Mara is consistently ranked highly among resort counter service locations at Walt Disney World. With a diverse menu and unique offerings, the Mara is full of choices! So what are the most popular Mara eats?

The number one pick – Zebra domes! These super yummy, sweet espresso-flavored desserts ranked as the number one pick by our Facebook fans. A whopping 14 Facebookers mentioned Zebra domes, with one commenter saying, “Zebra domes, zebra domes and oh…. zebra domes!” “Another comment: “Hate to be redundant but yeah, Zebra domes.”

Zebra domes are available in the grab ‘n go case and come 5 to a pack. They can be bought as a snack credit or as your dessert with a counter service meal credit. You could get a box to go, sit by the pool and enjoy them with a Nami Nami drink, as one Facebooker recommended!

Popular entrée options included the chicken flatbread, the corn chicken pizza, the falafel pita, and the turkey ciabatta.

Soups and stews were also mentioned – African stew, carrot ginger soup, and butternut squash soup were all cited as favorites. And one Facebooker said the chef salad is good.

[aklphoto|Left|×300.jpg|Zebra domes!]

And some unique sides were also cited as faves — stewed tomatoes, eggs with goat cheese and chives, and the white bean and sun-dried tomato hummus all made our fans’ lists. Mara fries were also mentioned twice.

For kids, the chicken nuggets and pizza are popular choices.

And for breakfast, the breakfast potatoes are popular, as well as the famous Mickey waffles. One Facebooker said she eats Mickey waffles every morning!

What are your favorite Mara eats? Leave a comment and let us know your faves below!

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  • These are major YUMMY and I could not get enough of them. They have a great selection of healthy snacks and salads too!

    For a Quick Service I rate Mara # 1!!!
    The food is delicious.

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