Top activities for grown-ups at Animal Kingdom Lodge

Hop in the hot tub!

Animal Kingdom Lodge is one of those special resorts that cater not only to families, but to adults, too. Maybe I’m biased because I honeymooned at AKL, but I think it’s a great resort for grown-ups because of all the great activities.

Here’s some of our picks for top activities for grown-ups at AKL!

1) Night vision goggle animal viewing and a dip in the hot tub. This is something I did on my honeymoon a couple of times. Go ahead and get in your swimsuit, but head out to the Uzima Savanna Overlook first for a look at the animals with night vision goggles. A cast member will be on hand to help you identify the creatures. Read more about the night vision goggles activity here. Afterwards, hop in one of the two hot tubs — one is just a few steps away from the Uzima Savanna Overlook.

2) Drink and dinner. Start out your evening at Victoria Falls Lounge, where you can people-watch and enjoy some great South African wine or a mixed drink. Then, head downstairs for dinner at either Boma or Jiko. If you opt for Jiko, consider a wine dinner.

3) Safaris! For a special treat, opt for one. There’s the sunset Wanyama Safari, the Sunrise Safari, the Wildlife Discovery Excursion and more. Learn more about the different types of safaris here.

These ideas are really just scratching the surface of what’s available at AKL for grown-ups. Visit our AKL activities page for even more great ideas.

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  • Going to Jiko’s for dinner, wanyami safari was the most incredible experience. Well worth the $170.00 per person, the meal after is worth the entire price. Seeing the animals so close is something everyone should experience.

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