Top AKL tips from our Facebook fans

Soak up the details

What’s your AKL Top Tip? This is what we asked our Disney World Animal Kingdom Lodge Facebook fans, and they had a lot of tips to share. Read on to see what they said.

Take your time and relax

A popular tip at AKL is to slow down and take in all the details. Here’s some tips from our fans:

Rich N. said, “Plan for one day where you stay at AKL/Kidani for the entire day. There’s a ton to do, and it is one of the most peaceful resorts at WDW while sitting back and watching the animals. A bunch of daily activities for the kids too.”

Michael C. said, “I have stayed at all the luxury resorts and AKL is my fave! Secret is to slow down and enjoy the details.”

Hillary B. said, “Spend some time relaxing with a drink at the pool bar! Doesn’t get any better.”


High marks for Boma, Jiko and Sanaa, and even a mention of The Mara.

Tom B. said you gotta do “breakfast at Boma!”

Alison G. said, “Plan your Boma trip around the night when they serve the nut-crusted salmon and fufu potatoes. Amazing!”

Barbara E. said, “Butternut squash soup at Boma is amazing, and you can usually get it at Mara too!”

Lisa F. said, “Don’t miss Jiko because you don’t know what they are serving. Victoria Falls also a great place to get a cool refreshing drink.”

Simon G., an enthusiastic Sanaa server, said, “Eat at Sanaa and ask for Simon as your server! The food is amazing and so is the service!”

Dee H. adds, “Eat at Sanaa if you like Indian and African foods.”


Angel S. and Kristen K. say a Savanna View room is a must.

Rich N. said, “Get a Savanah view room if you can. You won’t regret it. We love sitting on our balcony watching the animals.”

Others say splurging on concierge level is a must.

Kevin L. and Jeanne C. “Pay the extra money and go concierge level.”

Stacie R. said she “had the most fabulous honeymoon at the AKL. If you can stay at the Kilamanjaro Club level I highly recommend it!

Animal viewing and activities

A few great tips on getting the most out of viewing the beautiful creatures at AKL:

Robin S. said, “At dusk, head to the Sunset Viewing room and balcony where you can ask a wildlife guide about the animals.”

Brian T. said, “Go look around, there are some little places that you can find that have a view of some animals that aren’t in normal areas.”

Ruth O. has a very practical tip: “Bring binocs.”

There are a lot of cool non-animal related activities at AKL, too. Here’s a few tips on what to do:

Lisa F. said, “Don’t miss the crafts they offer during the day in the lobby. These are awesome. My son & I always enjoyed ourselves.”

Lisa F. later added, “Don’t know if they still offer the AKL Lodge tour, but take it if possible! Went in April ’08 and my friend and I were the only ones. THE BEST TIME EVER!”

Melissa B. said to make sure to “have kids partake of the medallion rubbing.”

What’s your top tip for Animal Kingdom Lodge? Leave a comment below.

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