Traditional Face Painting at the Mara

Mara Face Painting Station

Are you looking for another way to make your at the Animal Kingdom Lodge Special? Why not take part in some of the daily activities going on all around the resort? Animal Kingdom Lodge’s Cultural representatives set up shop each day in the resort’s quick-service restaurant The Mara to share the magic and meaning behind Adinkra African symbols.

Common amongst the people of Ghana, adrinka were originally used to decorate cloth, walls, and pottery. Asante tribal symbols can be found everywhere and represent popular proverbs and maxims, record historical events, express particular attitudes or behaviour related to depicted figures, or concepts.

Disney Files Magazine tells us that “Guests may choose to have their faces painted with a favorite symbol” and pictures around the web show off little ones painted not only with Adrinka but extended patterns in traditional tribal style to create little warriors for the day. Dot patterns are the perfect place for Hidden Mickeys!

Face painting usually starts between 2:00 and 3:00 in the afternoon, but as with all things subject to changes, you should check your Animal Kingdom Lodge Activities Guide to make sure you have the right time! Have you had your face painted at the Mara? Tell us all about it!

Our thanks goes out to Melissa at the Makin’ Memories Photo Blog, who calls the Animal Kingdom Lodge ‘Home”, for use of their great picture.