Wanyama Safari

Wanyama (Sunset) Safari Adventure: This three-hour, luxury adventure offers guests of Animal Kingdom Lodge the unprecedented opportunity to tour and explore the savannas of the Animal Kingdom Lodge with staff from AKL’s Animal Programs teams. NOTE: Disney has opened up this tour to ALL Animal Kingdom Lodge and Villas guests–it is NO LONGER exclusive to just concierge guests.

Combining exclusive information about how Disney World and AKL run their animal programs, along with the beauty of the savannas and animals at sunset, the Wanyama Safari will surely quench your desire for both aesthetics and knowledge—who knew you could have both at Disney World!

Once you’re through with the tour, your group will return to Jiko—The Cooking Place, for a gourmet, multi-course meal with wine pairing—just like you would if you were staying at a high-end Game Lodge on Safari.

Tour space is limited and can now be booked up to 180 days in advance through the Animal Kingdom Lodge Resort Itinerary Planning Office at 407-938-4755. Participants must be 8 years or older. Tours are offered every night of the week (!) as of 11/21/2011 the cost is $190.64 per person.

All info subject to change.