What’s in A View? Room Views for Animal Kingdom Lodge Resort and Villas

Animal Kingdom Lodge and Villas offer a wide variety of views.

  • Standard Room with Standard View has a view of a parking area or rooftop and will be located in the Ostrich or Giraffe Trail Rooms.
  • Standard Room with Pool View will be on the Zebra or Giraffe Trail facing the inner courtyard over Uzima Pool. These wings also have the easiest access to the pool area.
  • Standard Room with Savanna View offers view of one of the savannas. Though if you’re lucky this could possible include a room overlooking the Arusha Savanna, it is more likely that it will overlook the Uzima or Sunset Savanna. Sunset Savanna rooms can see Kidani Village across the greespace.
  • Standard Room with Arusha Savanna View will be on Kudu or Zebra Trail and face the central savanna overlooking Arusha Rock.

Jambo House Villa Standard View by Kristen K.

  • Jambo House Villas Standard View includes rooms with pool views that are located on the Zebra or Giraffe Trail. There are four rooms in this category at the end of Ostrich Trail that could have a parking lot view.
  • Jambo House Value Villas can sometimes have parking lot views and that is what Disney advertises, however most have savanna views.
  • Jambo House Club Level Villas can have either a savanna view or a pool view. Due to their 6th Floor location it’s not easy to view the animals and the savanna view is mostly tree tops.

Kidani Savanna View from Room 7308, by Kristen K.

  • Kidani Villas Standard View is of the parking lot or pool area. There are many more rooms that overlook the parking lot in this category than the pool. The parking lot views also sometimes overlook the Kidani Village Bus Stop.
  • Kidani Villas Savanna View has a view of one of the Savannas; most rooms overlook the sunset savanna where you can see Jambo House across the green space. The Pembe Savanna is Kidani’s private savanna and home to the only Okapi at the property.

Oddly enough, reserving a suite at the Animal Kingdom Lodge does not guarantee you a room with a great Savanna view, some of the suites at Jambo House actually have a standard view or what they call a courtyard view.

If a beautiful savanna view with lots of opportunity for viewing animals is the most important thing to you, I highly recommend the Arusha or Sunset Savanna View, on the second or third floor. These rooms will put you in the middle of the action with ample animal viewing opportunities from your room.

If you will only be in your room after dark, the cost of a savanna view room may be something you wish to reconsider. To make sure that the animals maintain natural routines the savanna is not lit at night and it’s difficult to see any wildlife from your balcony. However if you walk down to one of several viewing spots cast members will have night vision goggles for you to observe the animals with in that location.

When I know that I won’t be around the Resort to watch the animals, the Uzima pool view is my favorite. It’s one of the most lush and lovely pools at Walt Disney World, and it makes for a beautiful view.