What’s your Animal Kingdom Lodge top tip?

Stop and take in the details.

Recently we asked our Facebook page fans, “What’s Your AKL Top Tip?”

The relaxation factor

Relaxation and tips about stopping to smell the roses are common at Animal Kingdom Lodge. It can be tough to stop go, go, going when you’re at Walt Disney World, but follow this advice, and you’re bound to remember many good things from AKL.

“Take a break and explore this fantastic resort!” -Eric L.

“Factor in a morning or two where you just relax with a cup of coffee/tea and sit on your balcony to watch the animals. They are really active in the morning, and that is one of my favorite memories I have of AKL – sipping my coffee and watching the giraffes and zebra. Priceless.” -Bonnie S.

“Remember AKL is authentic and all about the theme. Take your time and notice the little things.” -Michael C.

Savanna View rooms

To these folks, a Savanna View room is a must.

“Book a savanna view room facing the Sunset savanna! The best!!” -Kelly S.

“Sit on the balcony of ur room and watch the sunset on the Savanna.” -LaTasha H.

“Make sure you have a savanna room and make time each morning and evening to enjoy the animals!” -Stacie R.

Jambo House vs. Kidani Village

A couple differing view on which is better, Jambo House, or Kidani Village.

“Stay at Jambo not Kidani!” -Ruth O.

“Stay at Kidani, not Jambo…much more quiet, peaceful and relaxing.” -Mitch K.

Trying to decide which area to book your stay? Take a look at our post on Jambo House vs. Kidani Village.

Dining and special experiences

Here are several other great tips for making your stay at AKL a special one.

“Bring a video camera with night vision,” -Jesse M.

“Do the night vision goggles.” – Mitch K.

“I would say to take time and go to the hot tub, save time to eat at Boma and Jiko, go see the animals, and at night go to the fire pit to see the storytelling they do ♥ All the while enjoy it because you officially arrived in paradise.” -سيلين جونسون

“Try a Victoria Mist Falls…..very refreshing!” -Steven P.

“Do the Sunset safari..it is worth the money and the meal at Jiko is to die for!!” -Carol A.

“Definitely try the naan bread at Sanaa!” -Adi G.

What’s your Animal Kingdom Lodge top tip? Leave a comment below!

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