What’s your favorite animal at AKL? [facebook fans]

The Kudu is a popular animal at AKL.

A while back, we asked our Facebook fans, “What’s your favorite animal to see out at Animal Kingdom Lodge?”

A very popular choice, and the hands-down winner of favorite animal at AKL are the giraffes.

Kimberly L. said, “Love seeing the Giraffe family come out for “breakfast” in the mornings! So amazing to see them happily eating tree leaves and walking around together. Cannot wait to be back at Jambo in October!!!”

Ginger R. said, “We saw the baby giraffe nursing when we were there a few weeks ago and it was so amazing.”

MaryTara W. said,” The giraffes! especially when they sleep with their necks still up outside of our balcony.”

Jeanne C. simply said, “Giraffe. love them……..love them……….love them.”

Another popular choice? Zebras! Dianne E. said, “Zebras. Zebras, zebras, zebras…since they’re my favorite animal!

The Ankole cattle, with their large horns, are another popular animal.

Paul H. said, “Love my buddy the big cattle……..he no doubt proves that men are creatures of habit……..same spot everyday for 8 days at kidani in the morning.”

Kerry C. put her vote in for the Watusi Cattle.

Joey A. simply couldn’t decide. He said, “The turtles at Kidani Village….but I am mostly at the Jambo House, so since the Giraffe is my favorite, I have to see them….but then there are the Red River Hogs, which are so cute to watch when they start digging up the savanna….oh who am I kidding….I love them all!!!”

Tamara C. was a little stumped on the name of her favorite animal. “I can never remember the name of it but it’s a horse with a zebra behind,” she said. Later, she remembered: Okapi! Jason S. also cast a vote for the Okapi.

Alison G. said her fave is “The Kudus and their beautiful, spiral antlers.”

So, what’s your favorite animal to view at AKL? Leave a comment below!

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