What’s on your must-do list the next time you’re at Animal Kingdom Lodge?

Relax and take in the view.

Recently we asked our facebook page, “What’s on your must-do list the next time you’re at Animal Kingdom Lodge?”

A big theme from those who answered was “relax.” In fact, the word “relax” was exactly what Aaron D., Jason M., and Mark G. all said was on their list.

Christine P. said she planned to enjoy the resort more and not go to the parks as much. We think this is an excellent idea!

Having a drink and sitting by the pool or the fire pit was also a common theme in our fans answers.

David D. said he plans on drinking a Safari Amber while sitting on a lawn chair by the pool, while Traci F. said she plans to have a drink by the pool and sit by the firepit more. And Karen C. said she will sit by the fire pit with a drink, too.

A lot more to-dos are animal-related, of course. Heather W. has a fun activity on her to-do list: Night vision goggles on the Savanna! And Helen D. said she plans to see more of the animals at the resort.

Tanya P. said she’s going to “see my friend Mr. Giraffe!” And Jeanne C. said she is thinking of doing the new African Trek. “Would like some feedback on it,” she said. Pamela C. said she plans on doing the Sunrise Safari & Wanyama Safari.

Lots of good eats are on the to-do list too. Kevin P., K.d. Y. and Keith L. all said they are going to eat at Boma, while Queila Z., Michael C. and Angel S. are both looking forward to Jiko. And cast member Nancy R. said, “Make sure you eat with the giraffes at Sanaa! Awesome!”

Michael S. said “Zebra domes!” are on his list. He can get those at Boma, or at the Mara Grab-and-go.

Hanging out at the pool and hot tub is another popular choice.

Isabell B. said, “The pool is fantastic @ Kidani.” Matthew R. also plans to spend time at the pool, and Barbara B. said she is planning on listening to 80’s music while hanging in the pool. Sounds like a plan!

Johanne L. said she plans to not only enjoy the pool area, but also try out the South African wines at the Jiko wine dinner. And Stacie R. said she’s going to try out Kilimanjaro Club.

Helen P.plans to, “Just stand in the lobby and take it all in, that first glimpse is just amazing!”

Finally, Billy J. said there are “too many great things to do! It’s a wonderful amazing experience.”

Tell is what’s on your must-do list the next time you’re at Animal Kingdom Lodge. Leave a comment below!

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