Wildlife Discovery Excursion

Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge has previously offered and excursion called the Wildlife Discovery Excursion. However as of a phone conversation with itinerary planning on 11/21/2011 this tour is no longer available.

Historical Details: Anyone staying on the concierge level at a Disney World Deluxe Resort can book this exciting, one-hour tour. A dedicated Disney Animal Programs staff member is your guide for a (climate-controlled!) tour of the Harambe Wildlife Reserve in Disney’s Animal Kingdom Theme Park.

The tour is meant to help guests understand and see for themselves how the savanna and its animals are cared for and shared with visitors. You will be part of a small group (14 guests maximum), and tours head out twice a day.

A portion of all proceeds benefit the Disney Wildlife Conservation Fund. Tours are offered Tuesday-Saturday, and advance reservations are required—contact the Animal Kingdom Lodge Resort Itinerary Planning Office at 407-938-4755, or your resort’s concierge office. (cost: $50/person, ages 3+)

All info subject to change.