Zebra Domes at Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge

Zebra Domes

What is your favorite sweet treat at Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge?

If you said Zebra Domes you’d be in good company! This dessert has achieved a near cult following and fans either love ’em or really don’t like ’em.

Our friends at the Disney Food Blog recently started a new series called #OnTheList where they feature Disney food you just have to eat. It’s not surprising that Zebra Domes made the list.

You can find Zebra Domes at the dessert table at Boma and you’ll also find them sold in packs of four at The Mara. So when the craving for Zebra Domes hits, just swing by The Mara morning, noon, or night.

If you’re wondering “what is a Zebra Dome?” let us explain: It is Amarula Cream Liquor mousse topped with a layer of white chocolate and drizzled with chocolate and chocolate shavings atop a thin cake base. The flavor is somewhat akin to tiramisu.

Would the Zebra Domes be on your Disney food bucket list? Let us know in the comments!

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