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Disney's Animal Kingdom Lodge 10th Anniversary Pin

Disney's releasing a fun new pin to commemorate the 10th Anniversary of our favorite place -- Animal Kingdom Lodge!

Animal Kingdom Lodge to Charge a Premium for Arusha Savanna View Rooms in 2011

Animal Kingdom Lodge will begin charging a $30 premium for Arusha Savanna views over other savanna views in 2011.

Animal Kingdom Lodge By Night

You might think that when the sun goes down your fun at the Animal Kingdom Lodge is over. You might be surprised however to learn how many options you have even after it's dark outside and some of the animals have gone to bed.

Animal Kingdom Lodge Music

We receive many questions about the music at the Animal Kingdom Lodge. If you're like us it's an important part of the incredible experience of the Animal Kingdom Lodge. If you're wondering who the artists and songs are we have a partial list for you here. We have links where you can buy them and you can go to the vendors to hear samples to see which song you're trying to identify. We'd also like to thank Nathan P at MouseSavers for helping us identify some of the ones we didn't know.

Animal Kingdom Lodge Gift Shops

Art at Zawadi Marketplace

Disney's Animal Kingdom Lodge does offer some incredible shopping -- perfect for those rainy days, souvenirs, and the much-needed items you forgot to pack! Both Kidani Village and Jambo House have shops outfitted with everything you might need for a great vacation:

Zawadi Marketplace, Jambo House

Animal Kingdom Lodge Bars

Disney's Animal Kingdom lodge has many offerings to help guests relax during their stay. One of the most obvious options for those looking to unwind are the various bars. The resort has four distinct bars, the Victoria Falls Lounge, the Maji Pool Bar, the pool bar at Uzima Springs and the lounge area at Jiko.

Victoria Falls Lounge

Victoria Falls Lounge

Animal Kingdom Lodge Bus Service

AKL Bus Stop Sign

There are two main questions that people ask about Animal Kingdom Lodge bus service:
1. Because the resort is far away from most parks, does it take a long time to get everywhere?
2. Now with Kidani Village in the mix, is bus service even more backed up than usual?

Let's take those one at a time:

Because the resort is far away from most parks, does it take a long time to get everywhere?

Animal Kingdom Lodge Grand Villa

Thanks to Cynthia Graham, one of our favorite fellow Animal Kingdom Lodge fans, for this fantastic review of the Grand Villa in Animal Kingdom Lodge's Kidani Village!

Grand Villa Kitchen & Dining Room

August 2009 Review: Cynthia Graham

Animal Kingdom Lodge Buffet

Welcome to Boma!

Boma, located in Disney World's Animal Kingdom Lodge Jambo House section, is one of Disney's most innovative buffet restaurants. While "Disney buffet" is often synonymous with larger-than-life characters and standard American dishes, Boma's buffet gives both kids and adults the opportunity to stretch their culinary horizons.

What Makes Boma Different?

May Jiko Wine Dinner for Tables in Wonderland Members

Tables in Wonderland presents: Jiko-The Cooking Place Wine Dinner
*Thursday, May 6, 2010
*Please check in between 6:20 – 6:30 p.m. in the back of Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge Lobby, left hand side.
*Reception 6:30 p.m., Dinner 7 p.m.
*Price: $160 per person, including tax and gratuity
*Dress is Casual Evening Attire
*Click image for description and specifics

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