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2 Bedroom or Club Level: Chosing the Best Room for Your Family When Staying on DVC Points

When making plans for a Walt Disney World Vacation there are many, many choices one must narrow down before making their reservations. For our family, as DVC Members with a home at Animal Kingdom Lodge, one of those choices is making the decision what is more important to us, staying in a larger 2 bedroom Villa, or staying on the club level in two Studios.

DVC Member Merchandise Available at Kidani Village

One of my favorite things to do while on my Walt Disney World Vacations is to go shopping! As a DVC Member you can be sure that I'm always on the look out for new members merchandise. While I was in WDW last month I stopped by Johari Treasures and found some great gear unique to Animal Kingdom Lodge Kidani Village.

Great Wines Are Waiting in the Animal Kingdom Lodge Gift Shop.

A Walt Disney World Vacation is a fantastic thing, the resort property offers activities to keep you busy from the moment you arrive, to the moment you leave, however sometimes it’s nice to just kick back. After all, it is a vacation, some down time is only appropriate. When my husband and I want to relax at our favorite resort, we head down to the gift shop and pick up a bottle of wine.

Chai Cream Recipe from Sanaa at Animal Kingdom Lodge Kidani Village

One of the most delectable desserts I have ever had, I had the pleasure of enjoying at the phenomenal restaurant Sanaa. Located beneath the Main Lobby in Animal Kingdom Lodge’s Kidani Village. Disney fans are known to be fanatical about their food, and I’m sure that this is one of those legendary desserts just waiting to take off to stardom!

Animal Kingdom Lodge Hot Tubs

When I’m on a Walt Disney World vacation, after a long day at the parks, one of my favorite ways to relax before bedtime is to slip into one of the Hot Tubs (spas in Disney terminology) at Animal Kingdom Lodge. The expansive rock formations and lush landscaping at both the Uzima and Samawati Springs pools have created perfect little nooks in which the Imagineers have tucked away the guest spas.

Have you eaten at Sanaa?

Have you eaten at Sanaa yet? Located in Kidani Village at Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge this is one of the true hidden gems of the Walt Disney World Resort. It’s not just a gem though, it’s a big beautiful shining African diamond. This restaurant that opened in 2009 and has only gotten better as it grows and flourishes.

Animal Kingdom Lodge 2012 Room Rates

What better way to enjoy your Disney vacation than by staying at Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge? Escape from all of the hustle and bustle of the parks and retreat to this elegant African inspired, full service, Disney Resort hotel. What are you waiting for, book your room now! Here are the resort’s 2012 room rates.

Top 5 Places to Relax at Disney's Animal Kingdom Lodge

One of my very favorite things about staying at Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge is that it can be peaceful and remote, even though it sits in the middle of one of the worlds leading tourist attractions. I could spend an entire vacation simply lounging around the resort eating the amazing food and soaking up the sun.

Baby Okapi Born 10/1/2011 at AKL

Animal Kingdom Lodge welcomes a new baby Okapi to the Kidani Village's Pembe Savanna.

What's in A View? Room Views for Animal Kingdom Lodge Resort and Villas

Balcony View

People put a lot of thought into their Walt Disney World Vacation and one thing that can make your stay at Animal Kingdom Lodge and Villas an even more magical experience is having a great view. For most people, that magical view is one of the savanna. However a savanna view at the Animal Kingdom Lodge isn’t always my favorite way to go and they type of vacation you’ll be taking as well as how often you’ll be in the room should factor into what choice you make in picking a view.

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